Turtle Beach Recon 70 Review (Is it Worth Buying?)

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With the passage of time gaming headsets have evolved and their prices increased, sometimes, much beyond the reach of a common man. A few of the headsets have proved to be the great deal, offering a perfect sound in a most affordable price. That’s what Turtle Beach Recon 70 offers for gamers who, just because of unwillingness, resist to pay much for such gadgets, and focus more on the gaming system. This is the gaming headset which comes under the affordability range of every gamer to provide the decent sound and solid design.

Turtle Beach Recon 70




The Turtle Beach Recon 70 is one of the best headset that offers everything including high-quality sound, solid build and comfort that a high-end gamer needs from its headset in an affordable price.



Let me clear one thing, the Recon 70’s body is made of plastic material, buy it doesn’t mean this is a cheap headset that would break easily. This is in fact the durable headset that lasted and endured beyond my expectation. The headset comes in black and red color that is nice touch to its beauty.

Turtle Beach Recon 70 gaming headset

I was surprised to see the premium quality ear-cushions. The ear cushions are made of synthetic leather which no doubt is best to provide maximum comfort and to use the headsets for long gaming hours. Additionally, they gave me more control over external noise and I was able to enjoy an immersive gaming experience.

One interesting thing about Recon 70 is that the headset is available in multiple color, which means you have options to choose the colors from. The Recon 70 for PS4 comes in combination of blue + white, blue + black or black + red color. Additionally the Xbox One version is available in combination of green + white or green + black color.

There is, however, a downside about its outside cups that seemed to be of low quality plastic and there is a possibility of their breakage if extra pressure is applied over them. (In this price range, I wasn’t actually surprised to see this quality.)That’s why the cups need extra care. On its internal side the ear-cups have groves at middle position and have a Turtle Beach Logo in its inside.

Also the lack of control buttons is another minus point, though no a profound one. I saw nothing but only the volume rocker button near left cup. Yet, the presence of a 3.5mm audio cable nearly 4-foot long and a fixed flip-to-mute microphone were some extra things that I found quite useful.


Of the most promising things that I got from the Recon 70 was its maximum comfort. Though the comfort level was still below than the headsets like Astro A50 and SteelSeries Arctis Pro, yet it was high enough to use it for long gaming sessions. I even used it for more than three hours without any pain or stress on around my ears, head or neck.

Turtle Beach Recon 70 gaming headsets demo

The reason of such a high comfort is the presence of synthetic-leather ear-cups. The ear cups feel soft and plush, and the foam cushions offers maximum protection from stiffness. The ear-cups fit perfectly and remove the external sound. As they were not the noise cancelling gaming headsets I could hear the loud sound easily. Overall, the comfort is awesome, and due to their perfect fit and soft cushions you won’t feel that you are wearing a gaming headset even after long gaming hours.

In the price range under $50, you will hardly find a decent gaming headset like this.

Another good thing I noticed was its weight. With 9.5 ounces weight, this is the lightweight and easy to carry headset. You can also use it for backpacking if you care for the weight as it won’t weigh much high. Yet, one drawback is its stiff flip-to-mute microphone that resists, and feels it may break, when flipped into another position.


Another best part of Recon 70 is multiplatform compatibility. This headset is actually compatible with popular devices, such as PC, Xbox One, PS4, and PS4 Pro. For its connection with Nintendo Switch there is a 3.5mm jack. Additionally I was able to use it with my iPhone and it perfectly attached with all devices that I had. Overall, I noticed no such issues in its compatibility.

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Gaming Performance

As the Turtle Beach Recon 70 is the gaming headset, I actually didn’t find any mentionable issues in its gaming performance. By offering a very decent, finely tuned and clear gaming sound for every game that I played, it gave me extraordinary results. I was able to discern a minute sound of footsteps as well the high sounds of gunshots and this is what I was expecting from it.

Frankly speaking, the Recon 70 offers the best features for gamers at an affordable price.

The Recon 70 offered a detailed sounds and the voices of enemies, sounds of gunshots, and firing of assault rifle, in every game that I played, were quite easy to distinguish. But I think the lack of bass gave me somehow poor results in sniper and high-bass games especially GTA-V which require some extra bass to be played.

Turtle Beach Recon 70 gaming headsets microphone

Music Performance

The Recon 70 performed average in offering a decent music. Undeniably, the music performance of gaming headsets in this price range is not so good, yet other high-end headsets are also available if you are looking for a headset with highest music performance.

I have already mentioned about its low and muddy bass, which means it is impossible to expect high quality bass from this headset. I wasn’t able to distinguish bass in high notes, but it was somewhat noticeable in low to medium notes. For slow to medium music, its treble and echo perform well, but the high notes are annoying and may break the sound quality.

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The addition of microphone is a good thing to hear. They perform nice job when used for casual talks, yet they aren’t the highest quality microphone. Take my suggestion, use it for normal use, i.e to talk with your friends and family. I would not recommend you to use it for gaming sessions when you are screaming and giving quick instructions to your teammates. The reason is that the audio may distort and the listeners would face difficulty in understanding your instructions, which may badly affect your gaming experience.

Also the lack of noise cancellation feature results in mixture of surrounding voices which makes it unsatisfactory in microphone performance. So, if you are just using it for regular gaming sessions which do not require excessive use of microphone, well and good. Otherwise, go for a new microphone or gaming headset that has a decent quality microphone, like SteelSeries Arctis Pro or Astro A50.

Bottom Line

Turtle Beach Recon 70 is the most affordable gaming headset that not only save your budget but also offers maximum comfort, decent quality sound, and solid design. The features in this price range are quite acceptable and workable. What you should not expect from this gaming headset is high bass, maximum music performance, and quality microphone which actually require more money to invest in.

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