Oculus Quest VR Headset Review – Is it Worth Buying?

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In twenty first century the virtual reality has proved its worth. Though most of the people around the globe don’t possess this gadget, it somehow has passed the adaptability phase successfully. With the launch of several VR headsets it is now entering the transition phase of development and continuous improvements. Just like the Sci-fi movies, now the ordinary people can imagine the same Virtual world through the newly developed VR headsets, and the Oculus Quest is one of those best VR Gaming headsets that offers the most exciting and amazing experience.

Oculus Quest VR Headset




The Oculus Quest not only offers outstanding VR graphics, but also comes with extensive range of compatibility options and advanced features for an immersive gaming.

Oculus Quest VR gaming headset image


The Oculus Quest is equipped with the same fabric and plastic which are used in its predecessors. It seems company hasn’t taken design as seriously as it should take. Yet one thing company changed in its design is its round faceplates than flat ones which were present in old versions.

The Oculus Quest headset measures exactly at 8.7 x 7.6 x 4.1 and weighs 20.1 ounces, which means it is a bit heavier VR headset than ordinary headsets which normally weigh around 15-17 ounces. Though every ounce counts in making a commendable product, this is acceptable as it carries a battery, lenses, fabric and plastic structure which makes it a heavy.

On its top and bottom corners, there are four wide-angled sensors that protect to keep from walking into walls. On bottom side, a lenses space adjustor button and a volume controller can be seen. The mask is soft foamy enclosed in fabric that covers upper face, and is comfortable and breathable. Not only it comes with a USB Type-C port at its right side, but there are also other ports and buttons, and on its left side, there is a 3.5mm audio jack. The rubber straps help to adjust and fit comfortably at the right position and doesn’t cause any such trouble.

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Oculus Quest VR headset image

Interface and Features

The Oculus Quest is quite simple and innovative. The Oculus Home looks really like a Home. In first look it gives an impression of a nicely decorated spacious Home with a smart combination of innovation and technology. In reality the interface offers games and apps icons displayed on black tiles. The panel allows the complete access to tabs like Navigation, apps Library, People, Home, Store and Settings. Additionally, there is a status indicator for Wi-Fi, battery and time.

Another interesting feature of Oculus Quest is casting feature. You can connect other smartphones and Oculus devices using casting technology. It allows other to play with you and see the performance on their own devices. The only thing required is that the devices must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

The Oculus Video is another interesting feature worth considering about Oculus Quest. This app is growing at fast rate among VR users. Mainly it allows VR users to watch videos in VR, and even watch with friends at the same time. The Oculus is much far than other companies as it allowed me to capture videos in games and the pictures and lets you save them in Home.

This outstanding VR headset offers all the accessories required for running it. These accessories include two AA batteries, a 15w power adapter, two touch controllers, framce friendly spacer, and a power cable. For better experience you can buy some other items like in-ear headphones and a carry case for backpacking.

Besides perfect design, the Oculus Quest comes with per eye resolution of 1600 x 1440 pixels. This is much better and improved than its predecessors, as the Oculus Go sports resolution of 1280 x 1440 pixels per eye. Additionally, there is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor that is again higher than Go’s processor of 821. It means, just like Oculus Rift, you don’t have to rely on your PC’s processor for smooth functioning of Oculus Quest VR headset.

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Storage Capacity

The Oculus Quest comes with two options of storage memory. The first version comes with 64 GB storage memory and the second version offers 128GB storage capacity. Though greater storage capacity means more freedom over downloading games and apps without sacrificing other ones, it also comes at greater price. The 128GB Oculus Quest costs around $100 more as compared to 64GB Oculus Quest. Now it is up to you as to which one you choose for yourself.

man wearing Oculus Quest VR headset

In my opinion 64GB storage memory is enough. This is because all the games and apps in Oculus Quest are highly optimized which save a lot of space for more apps. But remember, the Oculus is continuously making efforts to update and add new games that will definitely require more space. So, if you can afford a few more bucks, don’t hesitate to go for Oculus Quest with 128GB storage memory.


As I have already told you that the Oculus Quest is heavier than an ordinary VR headset, you have to compromise over weight to enjoy this perfect VR headset. The thing worth mentioning is that despite its heavy weight, I did not notice any discomfort due to its heavy weight. I was able to play more than three hours comfortably, due to its perfectly fitted face mask, and straps that produced no sweat on my face. Another interesting thing is that you can wear glasses along with the VR headset, as there is sufficient space that allows you to be comfortable.

The performance and enjoyment that I felt using the Oculus Quest can be imagined from the incidence when I unintentionally moved my body to and fro. The built-in audio allowed me to get immersed in the pure gaming and I felt that I myself am present at the battlefield and the enemy in front of me is approaching to attack on my face.

One thing I highly appreciated about Oculus Quest is its six Degree of freedom (DoF) which means you move it in any position or direction. It allows rotations like roll, pitch and yaw, and movements like Up/Down, Left/Right and forward/backward. This is much more perfect and precise than Oculus Go that allows just three degrees of freedom.

The screen-door effect is great in which it closes very slowly, which gives a completely uniform and smooth picture without any distortion in pixels. It also remove any distractions or gaps seen mostly in other VR headsets.

Oculus Quest VR headset demo

Oculus Quest apps and Games

As already mentioned that the Oculus Quest initially comes with more than 50 apps and games. There are some of the most popular and demanding games like, Superhot VR and some of the built in games such as Sports Scramble and Journey of the Gods. Though this is limited stock and scanty for gaming addicts, yet I am pretty sure that Oculus would definitely add more popular apps and games with the new updates. This is because the apps and games library of Oculus is expanding very fast. Additionally, you will be able to get eight more games especially, Dead and Buried 2, Creed: Rise to Glory, Face Your Fears etc. The game I liked the most was Creed: Rise to Glory and Space Pirate Trainer.

One drawback i found about Oculus Quest was hectic and time consuming downloading process. You can download one game in one time, which means you have to wait for many hours to download games of your choice. But, since the games are pretty optimized, they occupy less than one GB of space and require less time to get downloaded.


Previously the Oculus VR headsets used external devices as tracking sensors that made its setup process much boring and worrisome. This, however, is not the case in Oculus Quest as it comes with built-in position tracking sensors. For me, the whole process of charging the headset, inserting its batteries into Touch controllers, downloading the Oculus app and connecting it with my smartphone was quite easy and I didn’t even bother to look for the manual in setting it up. This is pretty simple.

After turning it on by power button, and connecting the headset to the Wi-Fi router, I, first of all, installed the important updates that completed in just a few minutes. After all this setup process, the most important thing was the allocation of some space in my room to let the journey begin. I, fortunately, managed to afford the 6.5 x 6.5-foot area that was nearly 4 sq. meter as recommended by Oculus. Such a spacious room space allowed me to play with more fun than I imagined since I was able to lean from side to side, duck, and sit. The interesting thing was that the positional sensors protected me from falling off or struck with the wall.

After the whole setup is done, as a first step in its use, ensure that you are get used to the Touch Controllers and have made yourself adjusted to the space that you managed for it. Try to move and walk around using your VR legs.

Positional Sensors

The presence of the four wide-angle sensors in Oculus Quest is no less than magic. They are much attractive and offer a perfect combination of sci-fi aesthetic in this century. The sensors serve a primary purpose of tracking the Touch Controllers and protect your face from any bad experience by effectively tracking your position.

Now you don’t need to use Constellation sensors in using VR headset for protection and tracking position. The reason is that the combined protection of sensors and computer operated algorithm to track the position is very helpful to keep the user away from the wall. Even, I remained quite comfortable, stable and free from ruining my face due to the addition of this great technology.

The sensors work quite well. Just in case you are playing the space game and in excitement you are about to bump into the wall, sensors will be activated automatically, and the Passthrough feature will show your real position. In this way you may keep yourself away from the wall and remain safe in the whole gaming session.


Touch Controllers of Oculus Quest are made of plastic material. With black color and the affording the weight of less than 4 ounce they are comparatively lighter than its competitors and predecessors. The buttons (B,Y,A and X) are of glossy appearance and offer perfect grip to hold the controllers to release pain in hands.

Oculus Quest VR headset Controllers

The small halos at the top are quite adorable, and In fact they are part of Insight technology which enables sensors to track movements. 

Coming to the Touch controllers, they are the best option due to their lightweight and comfort which they offer in long hours of gaming. They even are precise in making minute movements like grab, point, or wave. This, however, is not the case in ordinary Controllers available in market.

Audio: Built-in speakers

Let me clear one thing, the Oculus Quest comes with two audio jacks, but it doesn’t mean its sound is not as its features. The Quest has the perfect audio-speakers whose easily overcomes an external noise when in full volume and gives an immersive gaming experience.

Even though it lacks Bluetooth, it still has two audio jack to connect your audio devices with it. The audio is appreciably good, clear and loud. Not only it offered me the right amount of sound, but also the precise position to avoid any mishaps.

Battery Life

As the Oculus Quest is a wireless VR headset, it definitely needs a battery to run. In our tests its battery lasted around three hours in streaming videos and two hours in gaming. Though the battery life is less than expected, it is quite affordable as longer gaming sessions on VR headset may not be suitable for health. This is the reason the VR headsets are not recommended for children under the age of 13.

Facts and Info about the Oculus Quest

  • The first VR Gaming headset that enables you to share screen with TV or smartphone.
  • The first VR headset by Oculus which has pioneered in offering room scale movement and freedom of 6-degrees.
  • Availability of more than 50 apps to download, but allows users to download one app in one time, though time consuming yet still good enough to buy.
  • Wide angle sensors protect user from falling off and keep from walking into walls.

Reasons to Buy

  • A complete VR solution
  • No motion blurs
  • New inside-our tracking
  • Compatible to connect with TVs and smartphones
  • A huge collection of apps
  • Amazing graphics

Reasons to Avoid

  • A bit heavy
  • Less powerful than wired VR headset
  • Battery drains quickly with continuous play for hours
  • Pricey

Bottom Line

The Oculus Quest is an all-in-one VR headset that you can get for an immersive gaming and to explore the virtual reality world at the next level. In the price range of $500 you will get an untethered and comfortable VR headset with high-end processor, innovative sensors and Touch Controllers. Additionally the collection of apps and games, and an innovative interface gives you greater access to the digital world.

Overall, the Oculus Quest is one of the VR gaming headsets in our list. It not only offers all the things that the VR headset lovers need, but also you will get similar or more than expected immersive experience of Virtual world. If you can afford a few more dollars for a high-end VR gaming headset, I think it won’t be a big deal, just go for it.

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