Corsair M55 RGB Pro Review ( Is It Worth Buying?)

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Corsair M55 RGB Pro


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Corsair M55 RGB Pro is an excellent ambidextrous gaming mouse that offers great comfort, high performance and maximum precision.


As this is the ambidextrous gaming mouse, The Corsair M55 RGB Pro is well suited for Right as well as Left-handed gamers. Buy it with confidence and win every challenge without a single problem.


For the last few years Corsair has excelled in multiple gaming products. The company has developed some incredible gaming accessories which are much handy, comfortable and affordable. The Corsair M55 RGB Pro outshines in every feature that it offers like its predecessor M65 RGB Elite, but at an affordable price. And this is what makes it an interesting mouse.

The good thing about Corsair M55 RGB Pro is that it maintains the similar standards for which the company holds recognition amongst most of gamers. The M55 RGB Pro is an affordable gaming mouse that offers excellent performance and precision in gaming.

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One thing is for sure that the good ambidextrous gaming mice which offers most of the gaming features without compromising anyone aren’t really common. Yet this is the one that is sleek and small in design, comfortable in use and as perfect in functionality as the expensive gaming mice available in the market.

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Let’s discuss it in detail. Starting from the design the M55 RGB Pro weighs incredibly as low as 86 gram. It means you will not have to use a lot of force to moves the cursor while gaming. I found it useful as it helped me to focus more on gaming than handling it. Also it measure about 5.0 x 2.7 inches having balanced and sleek design, smooth black chassis and textured grooves on either side.

The M55 RGB Pro comes with the commonly used right and left buttons and a scroll wheel. Also there are two thumb buttons on each side and a Dots-per-inch (DPI) sensitivity adjuster on the front side. The Corsair Logo is seen on palm rest which adds to the beauty of mouse. The RGB lighting is active for both DPI indicator and the Corsair Logo. The design gives an indication that it is most comfortable for gamer with small and medium sized hands.

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M55 RGB Pro box


An interesting feature about M55 is the Ambidextrous feature that allows to set all buttons mode, the Right hand mode and the Left-hand mode. Although other such mice also offer this feature but in those mice you have to disable buttons, which is not the case in M55 Pro. It easily disables both buttons of either side that you don’t want to use. In my opinion the all buttons feature shouldn’t be chosen as you may unintentionally press the wrong buttons, but you can use it only if you are sure about your accuracy while gaming.


The good thing about features of M55 is that is comes with Corsair Utility Engine software (abbreviated as iCUE). One good thing about iCUE is that all the Corsair gadgets can be controlled this software which means you will not need individual software to control every Corsair product. In terms of the M55 RGB Pro software it contains the Profile tab to set features and things for needed profile.

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There is also a DPI tab to set up 5 DPI stages. At the same time you will find a Sniper Setting that is pretty helpful for shooting games. Each stage consists of different colors to easily recognize LED of mouse. Another button is about Performance that helps to adjust pointer precision and angle snapping.

Then there is an Actions tab that allows to make or reset Macros. Also the “Lighting Effects” button offers setting to configure lighting. It also includes different settings such as Rainbow, Color Wave and Color Shift that can be set on RGB logo.

Another most important section about M55 RGB Pro customization is that you can enable the left handed mode, Right handed mode or all buttons mode through this software. But one thing annoying is that with the change of right to left handed mode all buttons including Primary buttons will also change. The “Device settings” section of software gives access to adjust RGB brightness and polling rate.


The best part of M55 RGB Pro DPI settings is that you can use different colors especially color scheme for each DPI setting. In my opinion this feature may not add to the performance of mouse, but offers much more to its beauty and grace.

The lighting feature is quite welcoming. This is because I was able to choose the presets of LED indicator at the top side of mouse. The Rainbow setting was very amazing.

Build quality and comfort

When talking about the quality of M55 RGB Pro, this is a solid and durable gaming mouse. With as less weight as 86g, it feels lightweight mouse though not the lightest one. As the chassis is quite solid, it won’t break or crack when in some cases heavy pressure is applied.

One minor issue that is noticed in M55 RGB Pro is that its scroll wheel feels struck in some cases when making fast movements. This is why it may cause a problem for low sensitivity gamers. The buttons too give a soft feel which may feel unsatisfactory when making fast clicks, but this is not noticeable in making slow clicks.

Let me clear the confusion about the comfort level of M55 gaming Pro, this is one of the most comfortable gaming mice. With perfect and nicely made palm grip, equally fit for small as well as medium sized hands, and versatile design allowed me to use this mouse for many hours.

M55 RGB Pro

I didn’t faced any problem or pain in my hands as well as fingers while using it. The textured side grips too are very amazing and comfortable for me and helped me to make a tight grip unlike other soft and plain plastic or rubber made side grips.

But one thing that annoyed me, as I am a Right hand user, the side buttons were sometime pressed unintentionally. I think, if you click the buttons with confidence and care, such a wrong click in some cases may not affect your gaming experience badly.


While using the M55 RGB Pro for games like Overkill, SpellForce III, Overwatch and GTA, it gave its outstanding performance and proved its worth in every game that I played with it. Within no time and without any issues I was able to switch the DPI. But the accidental clicking that I have already mentioned was an issue worth mentioning. But you may avoid this issue by disabling the side buttons which are not in use.

The sensor performance of M55RGB Pro is also extraordinary because it is equipped with PAW3327 sensor built by PixArt. Though much of the gaming users aren’t familiar with PAW, the Corsair has stated that the company has developed the sensor with collaboration of PAW. This is also used in some of ASUS products. The sensor however, performed very well and the speed, precision and accuracy was perfect in every game, and I didn’t found any lags in moving the cursor at any given time.


  • Beautiful Ambidextrous design
  • Comfortable and perfect grip
  • Outstanding performance
  • Affordable
  • Perfect for small sized hands


  • Spongy feel of clicks
  • Side grips are not much effective

Final Thought

As this is the ambidextrous gaming mouse, The Corsair M55 RGB Pro is well suited for Right as well as Left-handed gamers. Buy it with confidence and win every challenge without a single problem.

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