A motherboard is a central communication printed circuit board housed inside the computer. It is the backbone for the connectivity of internal and external peripherals. The composition of these motherboards consists of copper traces, copper plates, signal isolation, and fiberglass. The motherboard’s design varies related to its usage and mainly follows the ATX build that is more prevalent in modern computers. This design is a direct upgrade by Intel over the renowned AT design of IBM. Besides that, many designs that fulfill the user requirements include but are not limited to the Micro ATX, Mini ATX, Extended ATX, MicroBTX, Micro ITX, Mini ITX, and Nano ITX.

These motherboards have several components that are notably more vocal than the rest of the specs because they are the primary performance influencing parts. They include DIMM, PCI, PCIe (that hosts a Graphics Card), HTX, M.2 slots, power supply connections, and M.2 slots. The motherboard can get additional connectivity options through chips like SATA (Connecting Storage), PCI, USB, and Thunderbolt. Components like RAM, CPU, and PCIe are connected through HT, UPI, QPI point-to-point interconnects. Many popular brands offer high-quality motherboards like ASUS, ASRock, EVGA, MSI, Intel, Biostar, and Gigabyte. If you want to stay up to date with the latest products from these manufacturers, then you can stay in tune with the GamingExpert.

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