A computer mouse or mice is a peripheral that controls the cursor movement on the graphical user interface for easier moving and getting access to open pictures, folders, and applications on the computer. The computer mouse has come forward with many innovations from the good old days, from a trackball low-performance mouse to the latest Laser and Optical gaming mouse. The movement of the mouse is shown on screens or monitors.

Similar to Keyboards, there are several types of computer mice these days that are mainly divided into work or household mice with regular features and gaming mice with accuracy and precision second to none. The gaming mouse has a higher DPI, programmable buttons, and low click latency for unmatched performance. Besides the general categorization, classification based on wired and wireless connectivity is also prevalent among gamers. Laptops feature a trackpad, which also works like a mouse.

Manufacturers like Logitech, SteelSeries, and Razer are more prevalent in both niches. However, a long list of manufacturers, including Corsair, ASUS, Acer, Dell, Terabyte, Cherry, and the Arctic, are many more are in this industry. These manufacturers excel in wired and wireless mouse technology, focusing on the RGB lighting mouse for gamers.

Besides that mouse also comes with the DPI switch and software-based onboard profile storage. These help conveniently switch between the profiles using the programmed key or accessing the mouse software like Razer Synapse and Logitech G-Hub. For more information and getting detailed reviews about the best mouse, stay tuned with the GamingExpert.

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