A laptop is a portable PC that is compact, lighter, and more utility-oriented. Unlike Desktop PCs, it has smaller components housed inside the compact space. They are designed to get the same functionality and performance as the personal computer but at higher prices. It consists of a keyboard, a screen, a smaller CPU, optional GPU, and RAM similar to the computer. However, all the components are not replaceable like the PC.

The laptop comes in many types depending on the user requirements. Dell, HP, Acer, Toshiba, and Lenovo are some recognized brands that make the laptop. Besides the standard laptop for home and office needs, these manufactures also release top-notch gaming laptops. Such an example is the Alienware laptop from Dell, ROG from ASUS, and Predator from Acer. These laptops are capable of doing a lot more than a standard personal computer. They have higher clock speed, better display, incredible cooling system, fast GPU, and processor for a lighting fast gaming experience. To know more about the laptop and PC news, reviews, and comparisons, stay tuned with the GamingExpert as more exciting stuff comes from our experts.

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