Best Brushes, Cleaners and Cleaning Gels to Clean Keyboard, Laptop, and Mouse

Best Brushes, Cleaners and Cleaning Gels to Clean Keyboard, Laptop, and Mouse

You know that your PC or laptop keyboard is one of the dirtiest peripherals and needs immediate cleaning. In this age when just Covid-19 is affecting every individual and industry, a gamer and a PC user must clean his keyboard on an immediate basis, using the best keyboard and laptop cleaner and disinfectant as well.

Research by the University of Arizona also found that the daily use products could have 400 times more bacteria on their surfaces than toilets. Facts and figures really matter, but don’t be panic over them. Just counter the problem, and you are all set. For this purpose, you need to clean the keyboard with a good cleaner and a disinfectant to remove germs, and it would just take a few minutes.

1: Vastitude Mini USB Vacuum Cleaner

The Vastitude Mini USB Vacuum cleaner is the most efficient keyboard cleaner, which not only works for your keyboard and mouse, it also lets you flawlessly clean digital products such as PCs, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. The cleaning performance is so good that you won’t find stains, spills, or dust particles once you are done cleaning.

Vastitude Best Mini USB Vacuum Cleaner for keyboard

The mini-sized vacuum cleaner is USB-powered. That is to say, you can conveniently connect it to the USB port and use it for cleaning your keyboards, laptops, gaming monitors, or gaming PCs. The cleaner consumes negligible power making it eco-friendly cum energy efficient.

What makes it worth buying a USB vacuum cleaner is its impeccable performance and plug-and-play features. The second connectivity option is a 5V power supply. All in all, this is the most efficient dust cleaner that can be used for printers, mobile phones, keyboards, monitors, and laptops.

2: Hayata Keyboard Cleaning Gel

You might be thinking, why should I get an expensive cleaner when I have many alternatives? You are actually right because after using the keyboard cleaning gel, you’ll get the same cleaning externally as offered by a Vacuum cleaner. The Cleaning gel by Hayata lets you clean the dirt and dust nicely.

HAYATA Best Keyboard Cleaning Gel

How this gets works on the keyboard surface is really amazing. The gel effectively picks up the dust particles from the keyboard, mobile phone, and other electronic gadgets without leaving any residue on your hands or the surface. This is why it is a must-have accessory for every gamer who wants to keep things clean.

The best part of this gel is that it cleans the surface regardless of the type of surface it encounters. In a few minutes, you will really be able to clean toys, fans, kitchen tools, etc. The only downside of this gel is its inability to clean from inside the accessories, especially if you are going to clean the things like a motherboard with this gel.

To use this cleaning, First of all, make sure your hands are clean and dry. Then knead the gel and apply it to the surface you want to clean. After the gel is applied evenly, press it down for a few minutes. Finally, lift the gel, and you will see that the surface is clean. Repeat the steps until the whole surface has been cleaned and the dirt, oil spots, hairs, and other such particles have been absorbed.

The gel is portable and reusable. You can easily use it for travel to keep thing clean and then reuse it 2-3 times until the gel becomes dark and non-sticky. The cleaning it offers is much better than a cleaning brush and makes things easy to do without any irritation.

Overall, the Hayata cleaning gel is the best cleaner to clean to the outside and the narrow spaces where the brush is unreachable. The gel is non-toxic, eco-friendly, and biodegradable, not to mention its reusability for more than 10 times per package.

3: OXO Good Grips Electronics Cleaning Brush

The OXO Good grips electronic cleaning brush is perfect for saving electronic devices from dirt. Equipped with a soft silicone bristle and a slim viper blade, the brush can clean every little bit from the keyboard surface, especially from the inner spaces of keys and edges, which are hard to clean with a normal cleaner.

OXO Good Grips Electronic Cleaning Brush

It is like a pencil, and it provides the same accuracy in cleaning as offered by an Artist’s pencil in drawing sketches. Not only the pen-like brush delivers greater control in cleaning, but it also cleans junk without scratching sensitive electronics.

The soft bristles efficiently let you clean the spaces which are quite delicate and prone to damage, such as camera lens and motherboard transistors. The brush comes with a cap to protect the soft silicone hairs from damage while cleaning. The small size makes it perfect for use while traveling or storing in a safe place like drawers, laptop bags, or consoles without sacrificing a lot of space like a vacuum cleaner.

Due to its compact size and efficient cleaning process, this pen-like electric brush is a must-have option to keep things neat. Besides, the silicone wiper makes things interesting by conveniently cleaning dirt from hard-to-reach spots. The small size makes it easy to fit in small corners and screen edges.

Again, this is the best portable cleaner to clean sensitive electronics and hard-to-reach keyboard grooves and corners inside the keys.

4: MECO Cordless Mini Vacuum Cleaner for Keyboard

Cleaning from the surface as well as grooves has never been possible without a MECO keyboard cleaner. In combination with the cleansing gel, the cleaner lets you maintain the cleanliness of the keyboard and other electronics accessories with a fresh look.

MECO Cordless Mini Vacuum Cleaner for Keyboard

The MECO keyboard cleaner comes with a cordless design that sufficiently improves the convenience in use and requires less time cleaning the objects. The 2000mAh rechargeable battery-powered cleaning mechanism delivers excellent suction of crumbs, hairs, debris, and scraps.

Usually, the cleaners are hard to clean from the inside, but this is not the case in MECO cleaners. The cleaning from inside the keyboard can be done by twisting off the dust and removing the garbage from it. For higher perfection, cleaning the sponge filter with water is highly recommended. Repeat the cleaning with water until the sponge is completely clean with no debris inside.

The cleaner comes with two different-sized nozzles to reach the narrowest space. The flat nozzle sucks every small bit of waste by sweeping horizontally while the brush nozzle removes dust and ash, making the whole keyboard neat and clean.

The only downside with this cleaner is its frequent charge. Though a single charge can last for a week, the continuous use weakens the battery as well as suction power. Also, the suction power is not enough to pick up solid pieces of dirt.

5: APBFH Keyboard Cleaning Brush Kit

This is actually an all-in-one cleaning brush kit that lets you clean the keyboard from every corner without a problem. The brushes are pretty stiff and offer better cleaning of the hard solid gunk and caked-on dust.

APBFH Keyboard Cleaning Brush Kit

The brushes are designed to remove dirt from all broader sides and corners, but not the shallow and narrow points. The only downside is that you can’t apply brushes on sensitive areas to prevent damage and scratches.

As the brushes have multiple sizes and finer points, which allow you to remove gunk around corners, the narrow brushes are good to remove food particles from the keyboard. From the point of their use, the brushes can be used for rough and smooth surfaces, provided that the surfaces are not sensitive to scratches.

The brushes are good to clean the gunk from car interior detailing, vent, PCB, Xbox, and keyboard. Overall, the brushes are perfect for cleaning hard-to-reach areas of the keyboard and monitors.

6: Cyber Clean Keyboard Cleaning Compound

This is the first cleaner that disinfects the surfaces with ethanol and picks up dust and other particles. This goo effectively cleans surfaces with a large number of hairs, dust, and waste particles. The goo absorbs the particles in its gelatinous body.

Cyber Clean best Keyboard Cleaning Compound

Frequent use of this product improves the surface’s shine, but the chances of getting infected from the electronics surfaces are reduced to a large extent. Besides, weekly use of the goo assures that it can last for months. When the goo turns green, only then do you need to replace it with the new one.

The cleaner cum disinfectant is a really great cleaning solution for hard-to-reach places. That said, you can expect a healthy living environment or workplace from this product.

From the point of use, the Cyber Clean Home and Office cleaner can perfectly clean keys of PC keyboard, mobile phones, digital camera, and printers. All in all, if you are looking for a disinfectant capable of cleaning and disinfecting the surfaces from harmful germs like bacteria and fungi, the Cyber Clean’s goo is the best thing you should set your eyes to at.

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